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Horror Bites Magazine Issue #9

Horror Bites Magazine is an online horror magazine. In each issue of Horror Bites Magazine, we cover the spread of horror found in the web’s darkest nooks and crannies, from creepypasta to creature features, all of the way to fiction almost too weird to be called horror.

Fully funded by horror lovers around the web via Kickstarter and Patreon, this issue brings you excellent horror by:

T. Thornton Gray

W.C. Jones

Travis Lee

Micah Castle

J.S. Rogers

Ezekiel Kincaid

Dimitar Fabijanic

Editing and special interview by Kelby Barker.

In this issue, 7 stories covering:

-When a man saves out to save his child from a deadly disease, things take a strange turn. Wanting to do good by his family at any cost, he finds himself becoming a proprietor of some peculiar pizzas.

-One occasionally hears stories about what prolonged time on the ocean can do to a sailor. Even in the modern day of metal cans on the high seas the pressure and claustrophobia can get to the best of people. Still, when one feels truly trapped, by both life back home and mistakes on-ship, what is a sailor to do when the sea looks so inviting?

-Tornadoes are a regular part of life, especially for those who live in the Midwest. The terror of hearing sirens whip into action is deeply seated in the heart of many a child who's grown up surrounded by the natural threat. It’s an understandable fear for a child to have, but when one boy begins making predictions about the latest storm, things turn grim.

-Each cairn, a simple pile of stacked stones, has a story to it. Along one misty shore, countless of these little towers dot the seaside. Author Micah Castle spins us the story of their origin, one of love, loss, and despair, as well as how the locals still draw on the dark power that lies there.

-and more.


Horror Bites Magazine Issue #9

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