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      If you're a horror fan then you probably spend most of your time either scrounging forums for fresh horror or waiting for the next big release. Wanting to get creeped out is hard a hard feeling to explain, but most horror fans seek their next scare with the same fervor movie buffs feels when trying to ferret out the next great piece of film. For both fans and writers, horror is a calling.

      ​Every issue of ‘Horror Bites Magazine,’ comes with 5 short horror stories from all around the internet. The best part is that your patronage goes directly to seeing that our stellar authors and cover designers get paid what they’re worth for putting the awesomeness that they make out into the world (check out our goals for more on that). Literally, every dollar you put into Horror Bites goes into the creators and tools we use to make it better.

      I'm Kelby Barker, editor of Horror Bites Magazine. I live in Zhengzhou, Henan, China with my beautiful wife to be. I'm an ESL teacher by trade and have been learning Chinese, by ridiculously tiring and gut-wrenching trial and error since 2008. I'm not a linguist or a researcher in learning methods but I do dedicate no small part of my time to sharing the research, best practices, and aha moments that stumble into my life with wonderful people like you, the person reading this bio.